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How to get fast Verification for map editor edits
Booker EVail
Booker EVail I’m glad you found the map editor and added the missing streets and addresses in your neighborhood. That is a very helpful contribution to the map community. 👏 To help with the verification pro
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How to Convert Zimbra files
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How to add profile picture
Jan (HERE Moderator)
Jan (HERE Moderator) The development team is working on that. We cannot give a date yet.
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how to add company address in map creator
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Max, just enter Mapcreator, 1. search (top left) for your address 2. Switch on "places" top right under your sign on. 3. Select "add place" 4. place in position next to the street number, be sure to
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How to add a new village or city to map?
ALI Hakami
ALI Hakami Thank You Juan& Jan for replying to me I just create Map Problem Report to Administrative with details hope they will added it soon also I make report with map problem earlier this month because
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How to add a category or suggest a category (beekeeper service or honey shop)?
Mike  Rooney
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How time update in Here wego will takes ?
Uğurcan Uğur
Uğurcan Uğur Maybe never. They don't reply, they don't care, they work extremely slow. I made dozens of edits. Only couple feedbacks I could get. HERE doesn't care the customer
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How much time required to publish en edit ?
Billy Chong
Billy Chong Same here too in Malaysia.. Its more then 3 weeks and still under review
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How much time it’ll take to approve my edit?
Guillermo R
Guillermo R 2-14 days? 2-3 weeks. Oh I see, that diagram was made in 2017. Can anyone back up these claims? All my edits are about to hit a month of pending.
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how long to review?
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How long to accept edits?
Erwin du Lions
Erwin du Lions Would you guys say making changes is basically useless as a. Here takes forever to verify and b. Here reverts changes for no reason?
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how long it will take for map updates for Laos?
willy xie
willy xie Cheap sex dolls are designed so that you can mix certain parts and assemble them easily.
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how long it will take for map undates for Laos?
Qi Liu
Qi Liu Hi, I know someone is supervising the bbs board, can someone tell me how long it will take to get my submit reviewed? or it won't be reviewed for countries Laos? I submitted it over two months, keep
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How long for update?
butlar wood
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How long does it take to approve/apply submitted corrections?
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