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How would I overlay Image on Map for flutter.
Billy  Barnes
Billy Barnes To implement a bounded image overlay on a map in Flutter that can be zoomed in, zoomed out, and rotated with the map, you can use the flutter_map package along with the flutter_image_overlay package.
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Where Do I Report Wrong Directions
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No charging stations any more in map creator
Stefan Frank
Stefan Frank Hello everyone, I'm sorry, but I can't do anything with your posts. I use the map-creator ( in the browser and I have already cleared the cache several times. I can't add
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how long it will take for map undates for Laos?
Qi Liu
Qi Liu Hi, I know someone is supervising the bbs board, can someone tell me how long it will take to get my submit reviewed? or it won't be reviewed for countries Laos? I submitted it over two months, keep
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Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison I too have experienced this breakup problem and have not been able to track down a cause. I have found correcting the error does fix it on the second try but it requires me to go in and check every ch
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I couldn’t sign in Here WeGo maps in Chrome
Rebecca Dobson
Rebecca Dobson Clear your browser's cache and cookies, and then try signing in again. Try using a different web browser to sign in. Check if there are any updates available for your current web browser, and if so, i
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how long it will take for map updates for Laos?
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Edits not showing
Claudio Siragusa
Claudio Siragusa who knows why people use waze...I've entered the street where I live for months now but it's never entered in the maps! If they don't trust us, say so!
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Wrongly reverted map edits
Terry Bates
Terry Bates There is an automated system that seems to make assumptions about missing links so will link where there is no link. E.g.. the road doesn't go there. Problem is if someone gets it wrong / imaginative
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How long for update?
Cityway Account
Cityway Account How about the average time to be available in the Navigation SDK?
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Buick Update 2017
Derek Barthel
Derek Barthel testing
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New address submitted, need updated asap
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Edit of closed hotel has been reverted
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Edits not showing on map
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how to add company address in map creator
Kevin Hutchison
Kevin Hutchison Max, just enter Mapcreator, 1. search (top left) for your address 2. Switch on "places" top right under your sign on. 3. Select "add place" 4. place in position next to the street number, be sure to
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