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  • Daan Tamsyn

    This is Zone 30 speed.
    picture for proof included

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    Map Creator Benelux

    Hi Daan,

    Thank you for your feedback. Indeed in Belgium there are more speed limit zones present instead of speed limit signs. It’s a good evidence what you provided. If you see that speed limit is incorrect, please update it in Map Creator istead of providing Map Feedback. You can modify speed limit by selecting the road -> road attributes-> speed: More details you can find here:

    By the way, pictures ( like the one you provided) can be made and uploaded to Map Creator via Mapillary app. When you register here: then you can take pictures and upload them to Map Creator. More information can be found here:

    Currently there is Game of Maps competition running with Map Creator! Read more and start playing! There are gret prizes to win! Read here:

    Daan Tamsyn


    Ive provided this feedback because I edited edit a lot of roads and often they get reverted. it’s very frustrating. There are roads that I’ve changed about 10 times bit get reverted every time, and I pass there every day or live close by.
    I’ve seen that I can upload a picture together with my edit in MapCreator, but there is no feedback if the upload succeeded or not.


    Map Creator Benelux

    Hi Daan,

    Thank you for your feedback. I totally understand your frustration, therefore I had a look at yor edits. Now they should be all accepted, so you shoud be able to see the status in your feed. Thank you for all your contributions!

    By the way, I’m planning to launch Map Alert campaigns, where many questions will be about speed limits. Please read more about Map Alerts in our blog: and/or under help pages:

    Stay tuned for communication about it!

    Thank you again and have a nice weeknd in advance!


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