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  • Adam Sebastian Malik


    the following route does not make sense. What is the reason for this route? In this case, the shortest route should be chosen.


    Kind regards and thanks in advance

    Eric Oeder

    you might find out the reason for this routing by checking the nav attributes in Map Creator (and correct them if needed).
    Let us know if you need further support.

    Best regards, Eric

    Adam Sebastian Malik

    Hello Eric,

    Thanks. I found something and corrected it already. How to check if routing now works?

    Kind regards


    Eric Oeder

    Hello Adam,
    to check your edits done in Map Creator you have to wait until it´s given in WeGo. Before that the entire moderation process has to be performed successfully and the map data from Core Map has to be released and offered to all the externals, also to WeGo. Means it may take a while.
    See also our Blog article about the processes behind the map.:
    Thanks and kind regards

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