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  • Saeed Isa

    I’m trying to navigate in my village using Here maps, but many roads are not up-to-date with correct directions.
    I tried to change them using map creator, but still does not see their effect in
    I have changed roads directions.

    How can I see my changes ? and should it be updated already ?
    does the navigator taking in mind the roads directions ?


    Moran Shitrit

    Hi Saeed!

    I saw your edits via map creator. The issue is that you have not changed the direction of travel, you have just changed the shape of the road.

    Please login into Map Creator again and change the direction of travel via road attributes (window pop up on the left while clicking on the road you wish to edit). Then, click on “Directions and Lanes” and change it to one way according to reality.

    Your edits will be approved and implemented into the maps a few days after.

    If you encounter any other issues, please don’t hesitate contacting us again.
    Thanks and kind regards,

    ava james

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    Lucas Herz

    Yes, I’ve travelled in Israel and had trouble navigating the map too. I needed to get to a partner company’s office in Tel Aviv. I got lost, got stuck in a traffic jam, and was late for a meeting. It happens, but it was a shame, because I had left in advance. I came to this city to finish work on the website project and launch it. I am from Canada myself, I work at Filio Force, IT manager. The card service is good, but sometimes lets me down

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    Sam Smith

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