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  • David Vaughan

    Hey everyone,

    Is it just me or does it take an extremely long time for your map edits to be approved, let alone appear in the and Android/IOS applications? I have changes pending that were logged at the start of this year that would help out our Truck and Bus drivers if there were approved. Is anyone else experiencing this sort of delay?

    John Manning

    Hi David,
    While I have seen some updated approved relatively quickly, others seem to take forever. Unfortunately I haven’t seen updates flowing through to apps and devices so have largely given up hope.

    It appears that Here is significantly under-resourced to process these updates in a timely manner (I won’t suggest they don’t care). The abundance of spam on these forums is another indicator of this.

    David Vaughan

    Thanks for the reply John. To be honest I haven’t been in the forums at all so I have been unaware of the level of spam, i’ve had a quick look now and I can see what you mean.

    I have also noticed that some updates are approved relatively quickly, however I find that only happens if you are modifying the ‘Vehicular Access’ section only. If it’s anything else then who knows when it will get approved, or rejected with the generic message ‘Database reflects reality’. I have also noticed that IF the map edit gets approved, often it will be with different parameters that what was configured. For example I have had quite a few roads approved however the ‘Local vehicular traffic only’ was turned on by HERE. With this option enabled, then the Android/IOS applications are unable to navigate on these roads. Frustrating!

    It’s a shame because it’s a great product with so much potential, however these issues are causing major frustrations for me and i suspect others.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Have to agree things have slowed down in the review area perhaps we are overwhelming them with changes. I am also finding some changes have reverted to their pre-change state after they have been accepted.

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