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  • raanan barzel

    Coming from the left, to go north, must use second turn to the right. Current instructions say 'Turn right' before this point, indicating the first turn, which goes south.

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    raanan barzel

    Correction: Current instructions say ‘Turn right’ when at the middle of the bridge, that is before the first right turn.


    Hello! to provide feedback to the team don’t click on “the start a discussion” if you do so, the message will land on the discussion board, so the forum. You should click on “feedback”. You can find this feature at the bottom right on Map Creator. You can reported any errors on the Map that you cannot modify yourself. See the screencap below. Have a nice day!

    raanan barzel

    Unfortunaltely, the feedback feature does not allow to communicate the information I committed in my two posts, since it has a very restricted choice of subjects, and none has to do with guidance. It would be helpful if a “Wrong guidance” topic was added to the set of problems in the feedback form.


    The best in that case would be for you to choose: “Road” then “Road has the wrong attributes”. I will on my side forward the issue but generally speaking it goes faster via feedback. Let me know if you need more help.

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