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  • Per Wolfsdorf


    For a long time the speed limit in DK with a trailer is 80 km/t on the country roads.

    And on the motorway up to 100 km/t with a trailer with permission, like in Germany

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Per,

    Im told that HERE database is in agreement with you and has the following speed limit for camper vans:

    “The speed limit for camper vans follows normal auto speed limited if below 3.5 tonnes. Trailers and campers are allowed to drive up to 80 on Motorway, if not having a Tempo 100 Sticker.”

    Thanks, Ben

    Per Wolfsdorf

    How do I have to understand your answer.

    I have a skoda with navigation and as I understand the map is from here. I have the latest map 2021. And when I drive on the country road my navigation told me that I am driving to fast with 80 km/h, because the navigation has the information that the speed limit is 70 on country road for trailers. But that is wrong. The speed limit on country road is 80 km/hoff trailers in dk.

    Is it change in the future? When?

    Jesper Katborg

    Agree With Per Wolfsdorf.ยด
    You (Ben HERE Moderator) are writting about Motorway ! Per and I are talking about other roads. Here car with trailer/caravar are allowed to drive up to 80 km/h. (same as cars). Since 1. januar 2020!!

    I addition to that, I can say, that Denmark has had Tempo 100 Sticker since 1. juli 2016 !!
    But the settings with tempo 100 sticker, doesn’t work in Denmark. The Navigations system still says 80 on Motorway !

    It works in Germany, France and Austra – but NOT in Denmark.

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by Jesper Katborg.
    Ben (HERE Moderator)


    Further to this. I’m advised that the speed limit change was made once legally in operation on non motorway roads and will appear on respective navigation systems in due course.


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