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  • Mohammed Nasr

    Licensed veterinarians who provide medical, dental,surgical treatments for pets,pregnancy and ovulation detects. Our Clinic provide care services like, Medical showers and Grooming. The Center is willing to Home visits.
    أطباء بيطريون متخصصون لتقديم الخدمات الطبية , الجراحية وخدمات الأسنان
    للحيوانات الأليفة بالاضافة الي خدمات الكشف و متابعة الحمل. يقدم المركز خدمات العناية الشخصية و التجميل.
    يوجد زيارات منزلية
    الاتصال علي :

    Mohamed Abdeljalil


    Please update Map Creator with your business details instead of posting the info in the discussion forum.

    by updating Map Creator platform you will be able to use HERE Maps and HERE partners’ Maps, like Facebook Maps, Microsoft/Bing Maps and most of the car maker in the region.

    Thank You!

    Ashraf Hosni

    Dear Mohamed,
    I’ve been trying to add my business Maneuver rent a car co. in Hurghada red sea but i assume that i still cant find it on the maps of the cars GPS’s! please if you have an answer for my inquiry to let me know what am i missing and have to do for my business to be clear on the maps of HERE which i believe it is the software of the GPS’s devices for the cars! Thank you in advance

    Mohamed Abdeljalil

    Thank you, Ashraf 🙂

    Team is working to update the your business in Hurghada. usually it will take around week for online platforms (like Bing) and next month will be ready for PNDs and Car Navigation devices, once they update the Map Data.

    Kindly reminder: use Map Creator ( to keep your information up to date.

    Please let me know if you need further help.

    Have a great day!

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