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  • Corrado Colombo

    I recently updated the map data and observed earlier, the the stored data is out of date, but fortunately the car corrects with delay useing the traffic sign capabilities.
    I live in residential area limited at 30, when leaving from home the navigator prefers to start at 50 by switching to 30 after 5 min or seeing the first sign indicating 30.
    50 is the normal speed limt for cities and towns, but checking the maps found many roads at 60 which wrong and costly in regards to tickets/fines.
    The state of Zurich offers under several dedicated maps referring to the actual speedlimits ..
    Eg. State roads and speed limits or 30 limit zones
    You might update the maps by applying the data as such increase the accuracy.

    Georg Herrig

    Thank you for the information. In an initial comparison of the source you mentioned with our speed limits, I don’t see any differences in the 30 km/h zones, nor do we have many roads with a speed limit of 60 km/h, maybe you meant the Bergstrasse?. It would be best if you could give some examples of roads so that we can look at them specifically. Greetings Georg

    Corrado Colombo

    Hi Georg,
    I did agaim a series of checks and it looks better now. Nevertheless the Bergstrasse in Zollikon is rated 50 from the roundabout Dufourstrasse/Zollikerstrasse up and down untill after the parking lot at Forbach.
    The A52 has asymetric speed changes shown on the map. I added a change, will it be reflectet soon ?

    Georg Herrig

    Hi Corrado. Thank you for your feedback. Your edits are in process and will be released soon. It is difficult to say how long it will take until the customers publish it and we have no influence on this, it can take between weeks and months. Regards Georg

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