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  • David Vaughan

    When will this edit become available? I have been informed that this new intersection was opened a week ago.

    David Vaughan

    Does anyone from HERE actually look at this stuff? This has been opened for months now! I’m sorry I i sound frustrated, however we are using your product to provide navigation to our staff and this road has been incorrectly marked as closed. wich is causing major issues for us. Please fix it

    Michael Seymour

    Hi David,

    I found this quote at at the bottom of this link (in the blue area):

    “The HERE map database capture undergoes approximately 10 months of testing and control before a map update is released. Doing so encourages your safe and accurate guidance.”

    Mick (map user)

    Kevin Hutchison

    Hi David & Mick, the quote you should be reading is:-
    PLEASE NOTE: The discussion forum is NOT a place to submit map feedback. Please go to Map Creator to add your edit or submit feedback. Feedbacks, such as a road or place edit, that is added in the Discussion forum will NOT be worked or resolved.

    The corrections/updates your provide receive timely feedback via the “Your stuff” “Your Feed” found in the dropdown menu to the left of the Map Creator screen.

    Without visiting the site I can not understand what change you feel needs implementing as the age of the satellite photo is before the modifications.

    Please try doing the updates/correction yourself and you will find they are much easier than trying to describe them here.

    By all means, if you have a problem doing them come back here and we will be only too willing to help.

    This forum is intended to provide a method of map updaters to compare relative issues in Map Creator and as such many have applied requests placed here, but it is not the intent of the forum.

    As a volunteer, I have applied 54,545 changes and received timely feedback on them, although sometimes having to resort to this forum and/or email to clarify why the changes are necessary.

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    David Vaughan

    Hi Kevin,

    I use the Map Creator site all the time, and I have submitted these changes here at least 3 separate times, no response from HERE. I just don’t see what the problem is here. The road was closed due to construction work. fair enough. It is now open, and has been for a long time and HERE are dragging their feet, causing massive issues to the people that use their platform. They did the same thing with the construction work around Essendon Railway Station.

    The reason why I am in the forum is because I have tried these other methods that you stated in your response.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Please accept my apologies, David, when I reread my response I was a little harsh especially seeing you are a regular updater. I guess this is one for Shona to chase up.

    Is Map Creator in need of change or is it just in Here we go.
    I am still unsure as to what the changes are, surely it is not the maze of intersections it appears are there over/underpasses.

    Kevin Hutchison

    That must be the most confusing convoluted set of roads and railway crossings I have ever seen must be a traffic light nightmare. The Map Creator image seems to have it all even if the Satellite photo does not. I found a later photo in HEMA that shows all the roads and Map Creator seems to have them complete with directional arrows, so I guess you must be referring to how ‘Here We Go” handles it.

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    David Vaughan

    Hey Kevin, no need to apologize. I thank you for your assistance.

    The issue is that “Here We Go” and other platforms that use HERE to generate routes for navigation is unable to route through this intersection as I believe HERE has marked that intersection as closed due to roadworks. There was indeed roadworks and the road was closed for a few weeks, however this has now finished that the road is very much open, and has been for about 2 months now.

    I can’t see in the Map Creator where it states that the road is closed so I’m a little lost.


    Kevin Hutchison

    Now here is a twist my Garmin using the Here map 2020.30 has High st open both ways yet not in Here we go.

    David Vaughan

    That’s a little odd for sure. Do you have any contacts that could assist?

    Kevin Hutchison

    My contact Shona has been a bit busy, she usually monitors this forum, but I am not sure she has the Here We Go contacts and it seems only Here we go has the issue, I am assuming it is an update timing issue.

    Seems both High st northbound and southbound plus Cheddar rd East all have been cut at the rail in Here we Go.

    The naming is also confusing when the roads split in two directions with the same name. ie at the intersection right is High st and left is High street yet at the next intersection it becomes spring st what is high street and what is spring needs clarifying. Cheddar East is likewise confusing.

    I just uploaded the latest 2021-10 Here Maps from Garmin and they have both roads open.

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    Shona Chisholm

    Hi David and Kevin, Apologies for not replying earlier. I’ll follow up on this and see why the changes haven’t been made to HERE We Go yet. Regards, Shona

    Kevin Hutchison

    Macartney st on the east off Cheddar st also needs some attention as there have clearly been changes there also..

    David Vaughan

    Hey Kevin and Shona. Greatly appreciate your efforts on this. Do you know if there has been any movement on this? From what I can tell the issue remains.

    David Vaughan

    Hey all, this issue is still happening. Is anyone able to assist with this?

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