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  • Aleksandar Atanasoski

    Greetings. I have fairly noticed that you’ve set up the speed limits in the cities to 40 km/h and in some villages 50 km/h. It is fairly wrong, as the speed limits in ALL the cities are 50 km/h and in most of the villages 40 km/h.
    Best regards.

    Dimitar Trenkov

    Hello Aleksandar,

    The default set up for cities and villages is 50 km/h. The situation you noticed are probably cases where we have posted speed limit 40 KM/h. If you find wrong or outdated speed limits please let us know or you can directly update them in Map Creator.

    Here Team

    Aleksandar Atanasoski

    Alright, have checked the most cities and the speed limit is 50 km/h indeed. However, please change the speed limits for the city of Prilep, you have basically every street’s speed limit set there as 40 km/h.

    Dimitar Trenkov

    Prilep is e of the cities where SL=40 is added based on signs on entrances of the city which showed that the whole city has SL=40. This was in 2016. If you confirm that now there is no SL=40 sign posted for the entire city we will set back to SL=50 default.

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