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  • Timo Suuronen

    Finland, Helsinki, Road 101 (Kehä I = "Ring I") around Kivikontie is not under construction any more. The speed limit from Kontulantie to west has been for a some time 80 km/h.

    Timo Suuronen

    I did this in Map Creator. What a heck! It isn’t my fault if the feed back put in there comes here. That for the usability of the Map Creator. Doesn’t surprise me anymore that Here has so many faults in its’ maps. 🙁

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Timo,

    I think your original speed correction was accepted. However someone erroneously reverted it at a later date.
    This speed limit has now been corrected to 80 km/h

    Thanks for your submission.

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