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  • Andre Hozen

    The GPS is leading people to a road that does not exist. Soquel Canyon Road does not intersect with Carbon Canyon Road, Chino Hills, CA

    Aleksey Rozenbaum

    Could you clarify where on the map there is a break? It looks like it does.

    Andre Hozen

    Where you are showing Soquel Canyon Road, there is no road. There is a locked gate, with only access by property owners, which mainly are cattle ranchers. There is no public access. It gets a lot of people lost, who are trying to get to our property, as well as other properties. Our property and others are only accessible from Old Woodview Road which is on the other side of the hill. We would love it, if this road was travelable. Another thing is the assess has not maintained for many years and where the road should go, it’s not travelable with land slides and ravines which prohibit traveling .
    We would really appreciate you correcting the GPS error.
    Kind regards,
    Andre (Andrey) Hozen

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