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  • Michael Seymour

    I am very careful to update my Map & 3D Extras (AUSTRALIA), whenever updates become available.

    Therefore, I have the latest Map & 3D Extras (AUSTRALIA, 2018 Q3) installed on my device.

    Thus, I cannot understand why my device (Alpine, INE-Z928E AU) displays this message (in bright Red):

    “AUSTRALIA 2017 Q1 The corresponding map coverage may be incomplete…”.

    This message pertains to these items:

    1. Address Points.
    2. Junction View.
    3. Smart Route Profiles.

    Should not all the software on my device be version “2018 Q3” (being the latest version)?

    It is pointless my contacting Alpine, as they have listed my device as being an “Archive Model”.


    John Manning

    Mick, that sounds like a device-specific problem to me, rather than one about map content.

    How old is it? The following page mentions free updates for three years:

    Michael Seymour

    Hi John,
    I’ve had the device in my car for 5 years (it was fitted, October 2014).

    1. I have used all the free map updates.

    2. I check for new map availability (daily), through my Naviextras Toolbox account…0.0..0.233.1590.0j4j4….2..0….1..gws-wiz…..0..0i131i10.2yRxb3iwTTA

    3. I always purchase and install new maps, as soon as they become available.

    4. This is only firmware update (v1.302) that I have been able to get from Alpine

    5. I often check Alpine’s website, in hope…

    Thanks for your reply.

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