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  • Ewan Lewis

    This post is a call for assistance from users of a Garmin GPS that have loaded on them the latest AUS/NZ 2018.20 Here Map & updated with the latest Garmin software.

    I have an ongoing issue & investigation still open (after 18 months) regarding a few Speed Limit problems that mainly pertain to some Schoolzone locations. Specifically where the 40km/hr Speedzone Limit still shows (and annoying warns) on my GPS outside of Schoolzone times.
    At this stage I am reasonably convinced after HERE investigations in 2016 that it isn’t a HERE problem (though I’m not excluding a HERE to GARMIN data file conflict). As there’s several Garmin GPS Nav users, who’s units contain HERE map data, that might read this forum, I would welcome hearing from anyone else who has encountered this problem on their Garmin units along with specific details of location, along with Garmin GPS hardware & software details to assist Garmin with their investigations. I might not be the only person with this problem. I’ve only encountered examples of the problem in Sydney so far.

    Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    Ewan Lewis

    Fault finally fixed after 18 months. Was a Cyclops datafile in my GARMIN GPS that was causing the problem. Removed it & now functioning.

    Shona Chisholm

    Thanks for the update Ewan! That’s a good fix to know if anyone else has a similar problem.

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