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    School zone speed limits are put in place to ensure the safety of children and pedestrians near educational institutions. These connections unlimited
    lower speed limits, often 15 to 20 mph, help reduce the risk of accidents and give drivers more time to react. It’s crucial to adhere to these limits and stay vigilant in school zones to protect the well-being of students.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Enough!!! Whilst the reason for school limits is very valid, this forum is dedicated to the accurate documentation of roads and their parameters not the rationale behind any issues relating to them.

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    Milla MillaSAS

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    Kevin Hutchison

    I am afraid I do not see the relevance to mapmaking, I think this conversation belongs elsewhere..

    Cathy Panski

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    Mark Blair

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    Kevin Hutchison

    This thread has become totally unrelated to Here Map Creator and should be blocked.

    Lorelin Heinst

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    Kevin Hutchison

    No, maps are always past tense in constant need of updating a moving target.

    John Manning

    Kevin, are there any local people anymore? I see that Shona has long gone.

    Kevin Hutchison

    John I am afraid I have not heard from. any contacts at here for a couple of years and the lack of moderator on this forum indicates the interaction has lost its focus completely. Since selling my motorhome the number of updates I do has tapered off considerably. and those listed as doing more are named anominous.

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