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  • Michael Seymour

    My device (Alpine INI-Z928E AU) states 40 km/h.
    The displayed speed limit, is:
    80 km/h
    Between these hours:
    07:00 – 09:00
    14:00 – 16:00


    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Michael, We’ve checked our database and it’s correct there, so this issue seems to be with the device rather than our base maps.

    Kevin Hutchison

    Here base data in MapCreator shows only one speed parameter I have not found a way to set conditional speeds.

    Conditional speed (ie 40kph) at certain times must be handled in the device POI data and I am unsure how it could keep up with school days that vary so best of luck finding where that comes from.

    NapCreator shows the highway past the school as 100kph.

    Melissa Dorn

    This is what I was looking for

    Melissa Dorn

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    Kevin Hutchison

    Best of luck with your driving test.

    My best advice is use your GPS as a guide only, for they are only as good as the information provided and I personally have made over 75,000 changes. They can never keep with all the changes especially speed limits and variable speed limits would constant online connections to the hundreds if not thousands of systems that control them.

    Jacklin Albert

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    Zak Brooks

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    James Leclair

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    Steve Hruby

    The school zone speed limit is 15 mph when children are present. The 40% school zone rule is as follows: the speed limit inside the school zone is 15 mph and the speed limit outside the school zone is 40% greater than the limit before entering it. For example, if the speed limit is 45 mph before entering the school zone, the speed limit inside the school zone is 15 mph and the speed limit outside the school zone is 55 mph. Source pay someone to do my essay for me

    Luna Luna

    Thanks for the post! The speed limit on school property is really important! After all, children are small and unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the speed limit. ulive

    Kevin Hutchison

    Whilst school speed limits are important the rules are not the same in all countries and it is not because different countries place a difference in importance on school children.

    I fail to comprehend the meaning of this thread nor it’s continuance.

    Sarah John

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