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  • Umberto Licata

    I’ve been editing roads and places that I visit regularly for work.
    So I get there in person, I take notice of what is wrong with the current map version on HERE and make corrections to accurately match reality.

    A few days later I regularly find out that my edits have changed. And always the roads have moved, are missing this or that junction, or even phantom road segments have appeared out of nowhere.
    I edit things back to match reality, only to find out days later that things have changed slightly yet again.

    This has been going on since I started with HERE Map Creator.

    Then today I notice that some edits that had been “under review” for some time have been finalized yesterday (8 January) by an Anonymous User… but the preview window is showing something funny already. I open the place in the main view and: Yes, my edits were changed for the worst. Quite literally ruined, and in a way that no human being would accept (unless they wanted to cause harm to the map, that is). Specifically: the roundabout was disjunctioned and missing segments, half the junctions were gone entirely, roads nearby were moved over structures, one-way roads were edited wildly… you get the idea.

    I don’t understand what happens, here (pun not intended).
    If my edits are my own until after they get “accepted” and shared with the rest of the community, how is it that I find them messed up on a regular basis?

    Also, once some edits I made get accepted and finalized, how can it be that I find the roads ruined to the extent that only a malicious user would do them in that way?

    Can somebody answer my questions?

    My job makes me travel the regions of Lombardia, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Piemonte far and wide. I’ve seen more places wrong in the HERE maps than I can count, and I honestly think that my contributions could be a good thing to the map.

    Thank you for the attention.

    Paolo Rigato

    Salve Umberto,

    Grazie del tuo feedback.
    C’è una considerazione importante da tenere presente, quando si eseguono degli edit alla piattaforma HERE tramite Map Creator: la verifica relativa alla positiva integrazione di tali modifiche non va mai eseguita in Map Creator stesso, ma sulla nostra piattaforma HERE WeGo, che ne riflette l’oggettivo stato (al netto dei tempi necessari a WeGo stesso per recepirla).
    Quanto si osserva in Map Creator in seguito ad una modifica infatti, riflette spesso uno status da “dietro le quinte” che nulla ha a che vedere con il risultato finale. Il tutto, nel 99% dei casi, non è comunque dovuto a ‘malicious users’ ma ad un lavoro “in progress” da parte dei nostri team, che purtroppo non è possibile riflettere in modalità friendly all’interno di Map Creator.
    Se credi, verifica quindi di tanto in tanto la situazione in HERE WeGO: qualora tu dovessi notare errori grossolani rispetto alla tua codifica, segnalalo senz’altro. Se invece tu dovessi semplicemente constatare che le tue modifiche non risultano ancora affatto recepite, ti chiediamo di avere pazienza in quanto i tempi necessari in tal senso si sono recentemente allungati parecchio, a causa di vari fattori negativi legati all’emergenza COVID.

    Grazie ancora per la pazienza e per i toni assolutamente garbati,
    Un cordiale saluto,

    Paolo Rigato
    P.S. Come vedi, qualora tu lo volessi puoi tranquillamente utilizzare l’Italiano per le tue comunicazioni 🙂 Ciao!

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