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  • Adilson de Freitas Santos

    Errors in road speed:

    Gt Northern Hwy Long : 118° 41′ 2.2 E Lat : 22° 24′ 12.2 S on HereMaps it says it only 80km per hr when on Google its 100km per hr

    Cleaverville Rd (1) Long : 117° 7′ 16.2 E Lat : 20° 45′ 28.7 S HereMaps it says it only 60km per hr when on Google its 100km per hr

    Karratha Tom Price Rd Long : 117° 1′ 48.6 E Lat : 21° 10′ 14.9 S HereMaps it says it only 80km per hr when on Google its 100km per hr

    Dampier Rd Long : 116° 46′ 18.1 E Lat : 20° 44′ 44 S HereMaps it says it only 80km per hr when on Google its 100km per hr

    Kevin Hutchison

    You obviously did not read the “Please notice” at the top of your reply

    PLEASE NOTE: The discussion forum is NOT a place to submit map feedback. Please go to Map Creator to add your edit or submit feedback. Feedbacks, such as a road or place edit, that is added in the Discussion forum will NOT be worked or resolved.
    For more information, please see the General Guidelines here

    There are so many roads and so many changes to roads, Google and Here rely heavily on members of the public to supply changes. This is the main reason Map Creator exists to provide a forum to collect the most up to date information available. Just select a road and Road attributes such as Type, Name, Speed, direction, Structure type, Surface, Road Access and other attributes can all be updated by yourself, just follow the prompts and you will find it is easily done.

    If you still have trouble come back here and we will attempt to help.

    Hoa Dao

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