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  • Erik Klausen

    When I check a change in an adopted neighborhood, I often see an image like the one I have uploaded with this topic. I see 3 problems:
    The text refers to a highlighted road segment, but it also mentions the road outlined in yellow. I can’t tell which segment the change really applies to.
    Also, I can’t clearly determine what the change is. The text says that the speed limit is assumed to be 40 km/t, so I guess that someone has changed the speed limit to 40 km/t, but the text could be more clear.
    If I do not agree with the change, I can press Discard. But I would like to see what the currently registered limit is. I can look it up, but for a simple, smooth approval process, I would like to have the info in the text box.

    Also, I can’t use the app on my Android phone to approve changes. I can view my adopted neighborhoods, but I can’t see the list of changes. Am I not trying hard enough, or is it not possible to approve changes through the app?

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