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  • PISIQ Research

    PISIQ is an R&D firm that conducts research in the fields of Artificial intelligence, Intelligent Hardware, Security & Business Intelligence.
    PISIQ’s solutions begin with intensive research conducted on human psychology, using that highly capable complex task solving but intuitive state of the art systems are built.
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    #PISIQ takes care of the following fields: AI Empowerment, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Autonomous Systems, Future technology, cutting edge technology, Deep learning, Machine learning, Data Analysis Business Intelligence, Smart Infrastructure solutions, smarty business solutions, smart city solutions Intelligent Hardware, Internet of Things, IOT, Smart Hardware, Robotics Enhanced Security, Privacy enhancement, government level security, smart security solutions, defense solutions. R&D, Research and development and intellectual property investments.

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    Andrey Boarskij

    Thanks for this useful information. By the way, did you know that people started using artificial intelligence as machine learning forecasting ? For example, with the help of AI, it has become much easier for a person to find out what the weather will be like tomorrow or in a week, also, for example, AI can analyze stock prices and issue its forecasts, and investors are gradually starting to use this information, thereby they need to spend less time studying market. Now this is all done by artificial intelligence, although it is only in the early stages of development. Just imagine what he will be able to do in 10 years.

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