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  • John Fraser

    Here in Australia we have lots of dirt roads and bush tracks, these do not necessarily constitute a 4WD road type as they are often used year round by 2WD vehicles etc. with some seasonal closures. They are also not really residential in nature either. A new road type of Track or Dirt or ..?? Suggestions?


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    Kevin Hutchison

    Yes I am often confused with Road Type vs structure type vs surface type often referring to the ‘Here” definitions.
    All ‘Road Types’ are open Structure except where they cross bridges or pass through tunnels and any could have a ‘Surface type’ of paved (bitumen or concrete) or unpaved (dirt or gravel) may be poor quality but dirt roads vary with seasons.

    4WD is a Surface type not a Road type as they could be any of the Road types and as such can be defined as 4WD yet often used by 2WD vehicles.

    In Australia we classify roads by Government responsibility ie;
    Residential (Local Council maintained) or “Residential Type”, some labeled local traffic only.
    Main or State roads (maintained by State Government} “Local Access Type”
    Interstate Highways (maintained by Federal Government) “Highways Type”

    Main roads and Highways are often maintained by Local Councils under contract to State or Federal Governments.

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