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  • Tom Toepper

    OLD: Zum Alten Tor
    Wallmond Restaurant & Cafe
    Torstr. 221, 10115 Berlin
    Tel.: +49 30 52 10 26 00 & +49 30 52 10 26 11
    Fax: +49 30 52 10 26 88

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Tom,
    thanks for the info.
    Please feel free to edit in MC if not already done.
    if you need support just let us know.
    thanks and regards, Eric

    Tom Toepper

    Done. Thanks. Just a remark: It’s hard to get the place details via mouse-pointer in browser to update attributes if this given chat window overlays the icon.

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Tom,
    I donĀ“t get your point.
    Please get in contact with me via our internal communication tool in order to explain the details.
    thanks, Eric

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