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  • Vince Bagusauskas

    I am using an new alpine Nav system. I updated the maps to Q3 2018 last week. In general it shows the 40km/h school zones ALL OF THE TIME. In Victoria, Australia the schools zones drop to 40km/h (but not all) from 8 to 9:30 and from 14:30 to 16:00 Monday to Friday. Therefore the mapping information supplied by HERE/NAvteq to Naviextras for the Alpine unit is INCORRECT. There are many many times during the day and on weekends where the unit will say I am going over the speed limit when I am not. Waze does not seem to have this issue. I cannot correct the many thousands of schools zones in Victoria.

    John Manning

    This had me wondering how this was implemented in NSW so I checked a few school zones and there was no 40km/hr speed limit for any of them. So there are no alerts unless there happens to be a speed camera there as well. Even so, those cameras didn’t cater for school times.

    I think this would be tricky to do well because you need to check the time of day, day of the week and also know if it is part of the school term.

    Interesting to hear what the official answer is on this!

    Kevin Hutchison

    The curfew timing for the 40k limit at schools seems to be as local thing as we have schools in our area that have different times. Public holidays and school terms even pupil free days, differ state to state as does daylight saving, so there are several variables, none the least how often the average (not us) update their GPS data to keep on to of the changes. To have it for one state and not another seems quite confusing just like including roadwork speed limits that are not long term (multi year) limits.

    Shona Chisholm

    Hello Vince, John and Kevin. HERE offer 2 different products with school zone data across Australia to our customers but it depends on the OEM (in this case Alpine), as to what type of data they purchase and use in their end-product. The information is not displayed in MapCreator as it’s collected in our main database and not something that’s currently editable – due to the variable nature of the school zones.

    John Manning

    Thanks for following up Shona – it’s great to have the mystery solved by someone who knows what is going on.

    Kate Maribell

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    Osborn Tyler

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