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  • Danielle Kernot

    There are 2 speed cameras at Main North Road/Regency Road in Prospect, SA that are not being picked up. Is it possible to edit/report speed camera locations?

    There is one setup for traffic heading south, and one for traffic heading east, at the following intersection.

    All other speed cameras in the area appear to be picked up by GPS.

    Kevin Hutchison

    The purpose of speed cameras is to catch people exceeding the speed limit, as such they can be setup anywhere at any time.

    Speed restriction signs are the ones you should be following.

    Due to the dynamic nature of the speed trap locations it impossible to feed them into a randomly updated database and what purpose would it serve anyway.

    Many try and manage to sell the data to the gullible few that think it is possible.

    A search on the internet will provide several options but beware they can never be complete and require constant updates.

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    John Manning

    Hi Danielle,
    Unfortunately there isn’t an ability to at the fixed speed cameras of the type that you mention.

    I have read some older entries on the forum that this was not feature publicly available so had to be done by Here staff. Having said that, the forum appears to have been abandoned by Here so I don’t know what option you have.

    Maybe you could notify your GPS vendor? In the past I have submitted feedback and updates to Garmin. I did get a response but don’t know how effective that approach really is.

    For the mobile cameras that Kevin mentioned, I think that Waze is the best app for helping you track them.

    Danielle Kernot

    Hey guys, thank you for the responses.
    I agree signs are what you should be following, but I’m actually following up on behalf of a customer who has noted some speed cameras are picked up, and some are not.
    I was referring to fixed speed cameras, these ones in particular that are not being picked up have been there for many years.
    Is it Here that has the fixed speed camera locations saved in it’s system, or would the vehicle’s GPS system data be separate? We had been told to report map data errors via this site, hence I came here to ask the question when I couldn’t see an option to report.

    Thanks for the help!

    John Manning

    I assume that the fixed speed camera locations are stored in the device as part of the map data.

    The best option I can think of is:

    – Login to MapCreator
    – Find the location where the cameras should be
    – Right-click and select “Customer Ticket”
    – Select a problem = Products
    – Type = Safety Cameras
    – Fill in the rest of the details

    I haven’t tried that so have no idea of the feedback you will get or the turnaround.

    Good luck!

    Danielle Kernot

    Thanks so much for the help, have just tried that option!

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