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  • Keith Varney

    Why when adding a roundabout and downsizing it to fit the scale of the map it looks ok, but when finishing an edit it does not resemble anything like a mini roundabout, anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this.

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Keith, I do not get your point completely. Could you send screenshots to describe more in detail? To create a roundabout please use the “Add new roundabout” function in the right mouseclick menu.

    Stephen Dadda

    Hi Jan,
    I have also had the same problems as Keith when adding roundabouts using the “Add New Roundabout” function. I use a Windows 10 laptop running HERE Map Creator.
    The roundabout starts off being circular but when when it is sized to fit and is then saved it usually loses its circular shape. The shape of the roundabout and the existing roads (including protected roads) often change when the “Check for junctions” function is used,
    The attached screen shots shows the change in shape of the roundabout and existing connecting roads through the add roundabout process,
    I hope that the screen shots illustrate the problem.

    Keith Varney

    Hi Stephen, your images are exactly what I was going on about. On another note, maybe someone can explain when is a roundabout a roundabout as every time I create one which is a mini roundabout it gets deleted by someone and reverts back to either a T junction or 4 way crossroads.

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Stephen and Keith, thank you for your feedback. We will look into the issue with the distorted geometry when creating a roundabout. That should not happen. Maybe it is better first to disconnect the junction and move the road endpoints away so that the new roundabout will not auto-snap to the road. later than connect the existing roads to the new roundabout.

    Our inclusion rules for roundabouts are:
    – aroundabout┬ásign is posted regardless of the roundabout size
    – a physical or legal divider of anysize exists within ther oundabout and the diameter of the entire junction is equal to or greater than 25metres/82feet
    – a smaller roundabout (10-25metres) is significant to navigation

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