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    Transitioning from Zoho Mail to G Suite/Google Workspace manually entails a series of steps. Begin by exporting Zoho Mail data in standard formats (EML, PST, or MBOX) through the Zoho Mail web interface. Subsequently, use G Suite’s native migration tools to import this data. Manual migration poses challenges, including the risk of data loss, time-intensive procedures, and the necessity for technical expertise.

    On the flip side, the use of Cigati Zoho Backup Software streamlines the entire migration process. With its user-friendly interface, the tool ensures a seamless transition. Simply install the software, link your Zoho Mail and G Suite accounts, and kickstart the migration. Cigati’s solution prioritizes data integrity, minimizing the potential for loss or corruption throughout the transfer. Moreover, it significantly cuts down on time and effort, rendering the migration efficient and reliable.

    In summary, while manual migration presents multiple steps and challenges, Cigati Zoho Backup Software simplifies the process, providing a smooth and secure solution for shifting from Zoho Mail to G Suite/Google Workspace.

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