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  • Mihael Trankovski

    Missing: Rotary, local 104, speed
    Here ! who delete 2 times this new roads, rotary, speed ? if you dont see and know, than go with Here car there and take a picture or on with your camera , gps position. This is satelite image 11.05.2019. Thank you

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    • This topic was modified 1 year ago by Mihael Trankovski.
    Mihael Trankovski

    Where is the new roundabout and the local road, the speed? We do not see, in the map creator ! Not to Here WeGo – map view ?
    46.17567631858026, 14.569463535690318

    Natalia Vignjevic

    Hello Mihael,

    thank you for reporting this situation.
    We got information from DARS that these roundabouts are still under construction. When the roundabouts will be open, we will update this situation.

    Best regards,

    Mihael Trankovski

    The old roads is no more there, just new rotary and local roads, and traffic go to the new unpaved roads. Yes, is construction all.

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    Siniša Miklaužić

    Hi Mr. Trankovski
    Geometry added, thank you
    best regards

    Mihael Trankovski

    Greeted by G. Siniša
    Thank you for the conversation. I would ask you , if someone from Here added everything correctly, the way I did it, and Here wiped me 2x. I think, you have my work to Here server
    Rotary, roads, speed. Thank you .

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