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  • Jesper Katborg

    Looks like the upcoming update ECE A1 can’t be on a 16gb SD-card.

    I bought my map in feb. 2019, 6 months later, we were told, that it might require a 32gb SD-card in the future.

    I complained to skoda, but they just say “Bad luck” buy a new 32gb SD-card full price !!:(

    But I have alreade bought a licens to the maps, so why must I pay for that again ??

    Denmark is on 3 maps
    ECE 2, Scandinavian and all Eastern Europe, with is complete useless for me.
    ECE 6, a little better, but still not usable, as Austria, Slovenia and Croatia is missing:
    ECE A1 Perfect map, but now to big 🙁

    ECE2 Just the opposite, and then incl. Denmark (and Scandinavia)
    Add Denmark to ECE 4/5

    And even better solution, make it posssible to those which country I would like to download 🙂

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