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    There are some useful features in Map Creator, that make the mapping easier.
    One of these are the “highlight” buttons in the bottom right corner. These can be used to display roads, based on pavement, speed limit or direction of travel. Another helpful button is “highlight missing connections” which draws attention to a road not connected to another. The latter can be combined with highlight options.
    Happy mapping!

    Ingrid HERE

    There is a possibility to switch between two satellite imageries in Map Creator. Clicking on the “map view” in the bottom right corner reveals four different map displays. Next to the imagery option you will see a small tab “Alternate Sat”. Clicking on that will change the default imagery.

    Ingrid HERE

    While editing, it is possible to change the transparency of the roads layer. Use these combinations: Ctrl+Alt+”+” ja Ctrl+Alt+”-” and you will be able to take a peek at the underlying aerial imagery 🙂

    Anton Vass

    look at this! That do you think?

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