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    Map Creator Spotlight
    Dear Map Creators,
    I am happy to announce that one of our top users, Tom Versluys, agreed to answer few questions about Community and Map Creator. Please read how he experiencs being a part of the Benelux Community!
    1. Why do you like to map?
    I like to map because I like to improve the maps on my GPS as soon as possible. Even when I submit a correction to the map it still takes up to 1 year before it is visible on my GPS (BMW Navigator V).
    2. Why do you like the community?
    I like the community because the more people are contributing, the better the quality of the maps will be.
    3. What do you likes about the Map Creator tool?
    The Map Creator tool is easy to use and because of the web-browser interface I can use any computer available to modify the maps.
    Thank you Tom for your commitment and contribution in our maps!
    Tom Versluys
    Kind regards,
    Alicja Map Creator Benelux
    Photo creative commons by John VanderHaagen via Flickr

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