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  • John Perry

    Do you think its a waste of time uploading pictures to the map if they don't look at them before rejecting edits?

    John Perry

    the 60 kmh signs must be hard to see

    John Perry

    nope i can not see 60 kmh. why upload pic.s if there not going to look at them

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi John, The roads you added have been accepted based on the gpx tracks you had provided. Some of the edits are still to be endorsed, but they should be done shortly. I will check again re: the speed limits. Thanks! Shona

    Brian Chammer

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    Karti clinton

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    Karti clinton

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    Sharona Walsh

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    Goswami Pradeep

    It seems a bit small, maybe instagram zoomen to see the image more clearly

    Peeler Peeler

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