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  • Martijn W

    The average speed at the A12 between intersection Waterberg and exit 27 is in both directions 100 kph (day and night). Map Creator says the average speed 130 km/u. I have edit this in the map. I save it a few times. The last time I saved it, the page kept loading. I saw the message, right above the screen, processing, please wait. This took ages and nothing happening. I closed Microsoft Edge and when I came back, all my edits where gone.
    I don't want to spent my time again to edit this long road if this bug is coming back again. Could HERE edit this map error?

    Eric Oeder

    Hi Martijn,
    I will have a look.
    Recommendation is to use either Firefox or Chrome for Map Creator web. That is what our developers use to tell us.

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