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  • Patrik Holmer

    KML-import fails in Here Map Creator where the KML-file is valid, imported and properly displayed in Google Earth and Google My Maps. All I get in Here Map Creator is the <Folder><Placemark><name><description><LookAt> pin-placement and adjoining text where the further 3K rows of GIS in the one KML-file — not being a KMZ-file — are lost or ignored. As such cannot set forestry service roads et cetera of interest.

    Ben (HERE Moderator)

    Hi Partick,

    Sorry this occurred. Without seeing the KML file its hard to check if anythign is wrong. Would it be possilbe to email it to me?

    Kirti Mahlawat


    I tried to upload kml file as well. It opens in Google maps, QGIS, ArcGIS, Google Earth but does not upload to HERE maps creator.

    Attached is the error I get.


    Thomas Klein

    Hi Patrick, Hi Kirti,

    could you send the not working KML file over for an analyse? That would be great.

    Please send it to:

    Thank you

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