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  • Eric Poole

    Apparently the multimedia unit in my new 2021 Isuzu FSR truck has a Hanwha GPS navigation installed – this was previously called a DIR6200, a very similar looking faceboard, it look almost identical…
    Now it’s a Hanwha as from from 2018 I have been advised.
    I’m just putting the question out there, does anybody know how I can update the mapping for this unit ?
    I find it works really quite well, however as a commercial operator doing the city and motorway regime around Brisbane, I know for sure it’s mapping is not current.
    In the manual it says to join Mapcreator to report any mapping issues.
    Can anybody help me with some advice with this ?

    Kevin Hutchison

    Years ago, I was with SES and ISUZU wanted $600 for the updated SD so I installed a Garmin with free updates and never looked back. We even relocated the reversing camera to the centre so it could be used to reverse up to a trailer coupling as the fisheye camera offset made it impossible to judge distance.

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    Eric Poole

    Yep, I have heard that Garmin are very good GPS devices, and if they have up to date maps including free updates then that’s a bonus for sure. I’ll look in to a good model for the truck with a 6 inch screen and mount it so it sits on the dash in the R/H corner.
    Kinda surprised though, the info I had when I bought the truck was … ” Firmware and map
    updates possible via smartphone. ” .. quote/unquote from the brochure.
    Thanks for your reply,

    Eric Poole

    Something else I should add, is that the model or version of my Hanwha multimedia unit is LM181.
    Here’s some further info:

    ” LM18I: AV Unit supplied or proposed to be supplied to Isuzu by Hanhwa Korea, and/or Hanhwa Australia known as the “new 6200 unit with new facia”, “Hanhwa DAVE”, “Hanhwa 6200″ or the LM18I ”

    So .. am putting this out there just on the chance that someone has any ideas on updating this units mapping etc …


    Bernice Stalley

    Hi Ricko,
    Have you tried following the instructions on the Isuzu multimedia support page

    Jenny Lake

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    Eric Poole

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    laura lorde

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