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  • Willoughby CHARLTON

    I am an experienced OLDER driver who plans ahead ones route to make the chosen route the safest. In my experience some of the major cause of crashes is by selecting a route that is just based on the shortest in time and distance as most automotive navigation systems do.

    I like to arrive at my destination safe as a priority over time. so;-

    1. I choose to do a series of left hand turns (In Australia a RHDrive country)

    2. My preference is to use traffic lights when entering a major road as gaps with I start is problematic. (not able to turn it off)

    3. Always choose turn left into my home or destinations so that passengers are not at riskin exiting my Mazda.

    Can such logic choice be added to the logic in the Mazda navigation system a olders folks /safer driving route?

    I am confident there are other improvement to this already impressive NAV system. Please list and hopefully the Mazda folk may notice?

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    John Manning

    Your approach to navigating is interesting and would certainly take a bit of planning before each journey. While I have no doubt that such planning could be automated, I suspect that there has been little demand for it, so
    Unfortunately most posts in these forums do not get official responses, maybe due to the amount of spam posted?

    Shona Chisholm

    Hello Willoughby, this is certainly an interesting concept. Whilst HERE provides the basemap and location data to the auotmotive companies, the routing algorithms are generally managed by the individual manufacturers so we don’t have direct input into this process or the available options. There’s definitely an increased focus on safety as new automated options are being added to vehicles so hope to see many improvements on this in the coming years.

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