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  • José Flor – OzFlor

    Hi to all and in special to Priya Kumbahre,
    I have mapillary all this area and carefully took all houses numbers.
    Soi 10 is on the exactly geometry, it extends a few metres of the perpendicular road with 2 houses on each side. The other roads are a factory or industrial area road and are not paved.
    There are more detailed satellite imagery on the internet that you can look at to help edit here maps. You can see that on

    Fill free to contact me and together we can do better jobs.
    José Flor – OzFlor

    Raweewan Ariyasoponwong

    Hi José Flor – OzFlor

    HERE team receives your feedback about new add and update of the geometry within Uea Athon Project 10/2.
    However, please bear with the requirement of database as Thailand’s database contain 2 languages THA and TRA,
    From the detail of your update for road naming has provided only English in both records, that is some of the issue which can’t be ingested automatically.

    Team has update the major change and add THA name to make the detail of Road name update per your suggestion.

    Thanks for your support for all improvement to make HERE map better.

    Best Regards,
    Raweewan Ariyasoponwong

    José Flor – OzFlor

    I understood it, thanks for the relay.
    I will continue edit this area as a lot of changes have been wrongly done like road shapes and delete of some houses. Soi 10 was already altered, I just re-fix it.
    José Flor – OzFlor

    José Flor – OzFlor

    Hello HERE stuff,
    Can someone approve this changes asap as it is causing GPS navigation problems. When I travel by taxi the GPS tells to access Uea Athon Project 10/2 from a wrong road that has no connection at all and it is on a private property closed with a gate.
    The GPS is connecting Uea Athon Project 10/2 on SOI 10 wrongly.
    See picture for wrong details that is causing problems to go to Uea Athon Project 10/2.

    Kanchit Chawnongbu

    Dear Jose Flor

    I not sure that HERE Map version are update or not. So, let you update your HERE WeGo again because I check in HERE Database it not connect between both road.

    Thank you

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