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  • Kimberly Mancuso

    Is it possible to get an updated image?

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Please use the “Report a map problem” functionality (right mouse menu) to report issues with the satellite image.

    Sumaiya Aisha

    To get updated satellite images, you can:

    Use Online Platforms: Access services like Google Earth, NASA Worldview, or Sentinel Hub which offer up-to-date satellite imagery.
    Subscribe to Satellite Imagery Services: Opt for commercial providers like DigitalGlobe or Planet Labs for high-resolution, frequent updates.
    Utilize Government Resources: Explore public resources from agencies like NOAA or the USGS, which provide regularly updated satellite data. For more information USA Whatsapp group links

    Jony Martin

    You can head over to Earth.Google.Com and head over to wherever you want to see then click photos. it even lets you create drone shots.

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    Zoya Shah

    Obtaining updated satellite images can be essential for various applications, from urban planning to environmental monitoring. To access the latest satellite imagery, consider using platforms like Google Earth, NASA’s Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS), or commercial services like Planet Labs and DigitalGlobe. These platforms provide high-resolution images and often offer specific timeframes for the data. Subscribing to their services may grant access to the most recent images. Custom trolley coins engraved with “Navigate the Skies: Updated Satellite Images” can serve as practical reminders of the tools available to access the latest satellite data for your needs.

    Haseeb Ahmad

    To get updated satellite images, you can use services like Google Earth or NASA Worldview. These platforms provide the latest satellite imagery for various locations.

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