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  • José Flor – OzFlor

    I have come across many road segments that have a curb in the middle like this one here and I do not know how to draw that. Can someone teach me that, please?
    José Flor – OzFlor

    Shona Chisholm

    Hello José, in this case the road divider is already coded in the map – shown by a black dotted line down the centre of the road. It’s not possible for you to add or edit these in Map Creator, but if you do locate one that’s not shown, you could submit a Customer Ticket – right click on the road segment, select Customer Ticket – and choose Other to add general comments to let us know it’s missing. Thanks!

    José Flor – OzFlor

    Thank you Shona,
    I used this road just as an example to ask for assistance.
    I see many roads divided that need to edit, specially a lot in Portugal where I also edit. Full road segments and partial road segments that needs edit.
    I would like to do it myself because it will involve a creation of a lot of tickets everywhere.
    Look this Woodlawn Ave and Norman St on this link. They both have a small divider in the middle.,150.87391,19,satellite
    José Flor – OzFlor

    José Flor – OzFlor

    On this particular road I had to edit the turn restrictions, they where wrong.

    I do not see CUSTOMER TICK on right click, see pic attached.

    Hilton Christian

    You can practice in advance by drawing coloring pages. Explore free coloring pages here:

    bla bling

    The median has been encoded on the map – shown as a black dotted line in the middle of the road. You cannot add or edit this information in Map Creator, but if you find an information that is not displayed,

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