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  • Hannu Latva-Rasku


    I work for a taxi company that uses Here map data for dispatching. As professional users of the tool we come up with a lot of mistakes in the location data. Mostly we don’t want to spend work time to correct these but in critical cases we would like to make changes so we and e.g. emergency vehicles and delivery trucks find the right place.

    We made few changes almost two months ago and they are still not showing on the map? Is this normal? This delay makes us even more hesitant to spend our time to make any changes at all.

    Examples of changes we have made:
    1. Uudenkylänraitti in Kaavi
    2. Metsärannantie in Lapinlahti

    Neither existed at all in Here.

    Jens vandenhout

    Hi Hannu!

    Thanks for reaching out and our excuses for the timing of the reply.

    Fortunately the changes you mentioned have now been integrated into our maps! Also, feel free to send us an email at for any kind of remark, question or doubt you might come across in the future.

    Kind regards,

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