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  • Kimneou Long

    Hi there! I have created many roads and edits in my city Siem Reap, Cambodia for more than two months already and I do not see the map app updated with the changes. I would like to know how frequently do you update the map app?

    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    Normally the changes should be available in Here wego within 4 to 6 weeks depending on the necessary reviews to be done.

    Mark Parland

    Hi there,

    I had made many changes to Donabate, Dublin (around 53.48162149150558, -6.154373261651768) added street names, house numbers and post codes but they are yet to be approved and published.

    Since delivery companies are using Here Maps, none of the online orders are delivered correctly, instead all orders are incorrectly dispatched to another another town with same street names causing lots of money, time, fuel waste.

    50+ deliveries a week are being delivered to random people in different towns incorrectly because Here Maps is not up to date and it fails to review and publish already added map info by the community.

    As an exception given the extend of the problem can you please prioritize reviewing submissions and edits for Donabate Dublin, specifically 2km around 53.48162149150558, -6.154373261651768.


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    Jan (HERE Moderator)

    We will review the changes and implement in our map if necessary. Thanks a lot!

    D. Beuken

    I have the same experience like Batu. Correct map changes will be reverted and very, very old obsolete information will be put back. There is something completely wrong in your process of submitting and reviewing changes.

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