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  • Vas Pag

    HERE we can discuss all topics related to Map Creator usage in Greece

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    Petros Petrichos

    Τhanks Vasilis.

    Vasilis Zafiropoulos

    I’m trying to add a new place (like an ATM machine) but i cannot.
    I zoom in all the way down but the “add place” icon is still grey and when mouse-over it indicates to “zoom in to add a place”
    Am i doing something wrong?

    HERE Map Creator Team

    To add a Place in Map Creator: Create an Account > Login > Zoom-in > Right click to the selected location on the map > “add new place” OR > click “add place” and then click the selected location on the map > add place attributes (category, name, address, contact details etc) > Save. If for some reason this doesn’t work, please refresh and try again. Let us know if you still face the same issue. Regards.

    Vasilis Zafiropoulos

    I tried it again today and it is working. Thanks anyway 🙂

    Vasilis Zafiropoulos

    Another question.
    There is a road with wrong name in my city.
    I can change the greek road name (the one with greek characters) but i cannot change the transliteration of it (the one with greeklish characters).
    This field is light grey and i cannot change it.

    Any ideas?

    Vas Pag

    Hi, Thank you for your input. In relation to the road names this is done automatically, no need to change or add the transliteration, this is the reason this field is locked when you change the road name, the transliteration will automatically updated when the change will go into the system. Thanks.

    Georgios Fragkopoulos

    Hello there,
    I am using the navigation traveling from Thessaloniki to Athens. On my way I pass through some tunnels. In there the satellite signal gets lost. When coming out it doesn’t connect. I sometimes waited for ot to reconnect for 20 minutes. Alternatively I had to close the app and turn it on again. Can it be solved somehow?

    HERE Map Creator Konstantina Kokkalis

    Hello and thank you contacting.
    Unfortunately, this is a navigation system issue and not related to HERE maps.

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