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    I recently received a car that uses HERE maps. I downloaded the latest update (October 2021). My neighborhood is 20 years old, but they have expanded. My address is not listed in my navigation or in the HereWeGo app. So I downloaded the map creator to see about adding the missing streets and addresses in my area – however – the map creator app has all the addresses and streets in my neighborhood. Yet – in the HereWeGo and Acura navigation won’t let me enter my address as a home address as it doesn’t “exist” My house is nearly 4 years old, but the new entrance that doesn’t show up is at least 10. Why are there such differences between what is in the creator app and what we see on the finished product? It renders my navigation system useless in the car as I don’t trust it if it doesn’t even know how to leave my neighborhood on a 10+ year old entrance/exit. It has me drive to the original 20 year old entrance/exit that is on the exact opposite side where I live, and if I navigate “home” it will only store the street name, not my address because it is not listed.

    How are the creator app and end user apps so different in what they display?

    In the attached pictures the one without satellite view is the end user app. Notice just south of the factory the “new” entrance isn’t there (just an extension of Brookhaven that you see on the end user interface). If you zoom in on the houses they don’t have addresses either. In the creator map the drive south of the factory is there (extension of Brookhaven), and if you zoom in all the houses have the correct address labeled above them.

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