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  • Mihael Trankovski

    Here, this link map creator of yours is nothing special just the basis, if you think we users will make a better map with it you are wrong, your job is to work and earn for personal income, add to the system, everything we have done free without payment or any additional gift, IT’S YOUR WORK, give us a link map creator moderation, where there are many layers of satellite view and 100+ add-ons, it would improve the mood as well as add to the system and visible in wego here map view why most users run away from the OSM (open street map) competition because they get an img available for every day, week, month and download it to their GPS software, see the OSM link, what is all available, you get a thousand and one thing to add and improve maps,
    What is additionally communicated to you, you add incorrectly to the system, various maps: Igo, Garmin, for the automotive industry the data is 9 months old and more, is that good? a lot of users added novelties, you happily deleted and added back (Roll BACK) is that fair?
    You have a lot of off-road cars with a camera and program, drive around, add everything to the system, 3d buildings, POIs, speeds, house numbers, roads.
    Inform other providers who buy from you to upgrade their systems to newer ones!
    Compressing your data is too slow.

    Andy G

    Yes, Finally someone who speaks up about what I also think!

    Mihael Trankovski

    Thank you for support. Hello, so all users should write or leave their work as this is their paid work.
    Bad – old satelite image and other. This is nothing, just basic link tools . OSM (open street map) is too much good.

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    Andy G

    I know this is a modified version of their tool, because I am aware that they roved some editing features like where the lanes on a highway are going to on an exit, etc. We are doing their job for them, while they delete our work and they’re being paid. A moderator, Jan, is currently ignoring this topic, because she replied today to another topic.

    Mihael Trankovski

    thank you , then the moderators should be replaced because they are not doing their job as they should and a force majeure should be notified to settle the matter

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