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  • Daniel McGrath

    GPS in my Hyundai i30 SR with Sat Navigation System tells you to turn when it should be going straight ahead only.
    Has problems within M5 Tunnel near Sydney Airport Heading West and East.

    Oceania Community

    Thanks Daniel, we will check the directions set for this area. Often, a lot of problems in tunnels are due to signal dropping out rather than the maps.

    Ewan Lewis

    Interesting.. I wonder if tunnel operator/owners should be installing some kind of low power GPS transmitters in the tunnels for the benefit of commuters with GPS/Nav devices in their vehicles if they don’t already exist. With so many tunnels in place & under construction within Sydney I would have thought this tech might have already been in place or be considered essential these days. Does it exist elsewhere in more developed countries? Have HERE consulted with the NSW government about this? I would like to be enlightened on this topic.

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    Shona Chisholm

    Good question Ewan. The technology exists and I know of places where similar technology has improved mobile phone reception in train tunnels but not sure on the status in NSW/Australia for road tunnels. Will see what I can find out and let you know.

    Ewan Lewis

    Thanks Shona. It is a fascinating question. Curiosity got the better of me this evening & I found this item from the Waze / Google folk.

    I mentioned to Bernice some time ago that it would be great to have this similar technology for underground car parks or multi-level shopping centre carparks.
    Expanded to tunnels, where there are multiple exit points, I would think the Waze technology or developer of similar technologies would find a potentially large market globally. It would be a gold mine for a tech nerd entrepreneur or similar company. It’s something that Here should or could be thinking about for the future.

    In a city like Sydney where it is now too expensive to acquire property to widen many roads, we have seen in recent years that the government is building more road & rail infrastructure underground. For underground roads, the GPS Navigation technology needs to adapt to keep commuters on the right path through tunnels.

    Yes I’m aware of the mobile phone repeaters or transmitter nodes in the Sydney train tunnels & also FM radio stations are repeated in the harbour tunnel by a technology known as leaky coax cable for vehicle reception in the tunnel. The required technology for GPS in tunnels is entirely different.


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