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    I have the 2019 Australia/New Zealand Map in my 2017 Suzuki S-Cross manufactured in Hungary. I live in New Zealand. This question is not specifically about the Oceania Map as I assume the operating system is common across all maps.
    I am often frustrated when trying to enter the address for a new destination in a rural area. I may not know which “City” to enter. More often than not it rejects my attempts to enter the name of the local territorial authority I think it to be in and I am unable to proceed any further.
    Is there some way to enter the “Street” name first then choose from a menu list of “City(s)” that have such a street name within their boundaries?
    In the example shown, I am at home on Limeworks Loop Road in rural Waipa District but that “Street” will not come up as a menu choice when I enter LI into the Street field. Instead, I get a list of streets that start with Li, none of which are in Waipa. First on the list, Liane Place, is in Rotorua. Likewise, Libra Place and Lisa Crescent are also in Rotorua.
    Other GPS navigation systems (Garmin, Tom-Tom, Uniden etc) I have used in the past made it much easier to locate and set the destination address.
    Am I doing something wrong? I would be grateful for any assistance.

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