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    Elephant Freedom Project is a sanctuary located in the northern mountains of Chiang Mai Thailand. Our primary mission is to rescue the elephants and provide them the love and care they deserve. A safe environment where they can be in their natural surroundings without the abuse of forced labor. Observe elephants foraging in the forest, interacting with each other, playing in the mud and river– the elephants have been freed from elephant riding, performing tricks, and other unnatural behavior. We support independent ethical elephant projects that are now providing a better life for these gentle giants.
    To help support our cause we offer guests from around the world a truly unique experience while visiting our elephant sanctuary. Our sanctuary is just one hour from Chiang Mai City. We offer four tours daily and allow for same day booking. Elephant Freedom project guarantees an unforgettable, intimate adventure with our elephants in their natural surroundings.

    Contact us:
    136, Mae Win, Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai 50360, Thailand
    +66 95 785-5191

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