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  • Carl Schwarz

    Can someone direct me as to how to report/change truck attributes for an intersection?

    In particular I found a road attribute that is wrong for trucks but is fine for cars.
    The routing engine v8 allows cars to turn left at this particular junction but not trucks.
    This is a particular problem since the intersection is near a truck yard that has around 40 trucks and a quarry.

    Just fyi. this is at the intersection of Jaensch Rd Callington Road in Hartley, south australia. The images attached are from our custom routing application and show that the route returned in “car” transport mode allows for the left turn, however in “truck” mode the route turns to the right and turns around and then comes back down the road.

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    Kevin Hutchison

    As far as I know the truck parameters are supplied by the GPS manufacturer not Here technology. I have not found the provision in mapcreator to capture data about height, wide length restrictions.

    As an oversize vehicle escort driver I would find that data very usefull but found the Garmin version quite limited.

    Carl Schwarz

    Hi Kevin Thanks but I am not sure what you mean by that. I am using the HERE Maps API’s directly. In particular HERE truck routing:

    Kevin Hutchison

    As a regular updater (77,000+ edits) of Here data, used in directing oversize load jobs here in Aus, I was not aware that the truck parameters are in the Here database, there is no mention of them in MapCreator where I provide the edits. I wonder at the volume of trucking data in the Australian rural areas.
    We have experimented with one Garmin Denzl LGV700 truck GPS, but found the length/width selections quite limited, so we still use a dozen Garmin 2797, 2595, 2597, Drive 60, 61, 65 even a 256W unit, with over 60 custom POI routes for local mines. Even so I find it hard getting other drivers to provide changes needed so I am limited to the runs I do for data management.

    Carl Schwarz

    When applying for permits you would have noticed that the nhvr maps were supplied by here when the nhvr took over oversize permits from the states. Gazetted rt bd and oversize information is stored in Here I believe, it certainly was back then. Here maps was (is?) a treasure trove of truck map information. I’m just getting back into it now after a few years working elsewhere. Certainly being able to set truck specific information is a feature request for map creator!!!!!

    Shona Chisholm

    Hi Carl & Kevin, Yes – as you’ve noted, you can’t edit truck specific parameters in Map Creator. We’ve contacted our local data team and they’ve made the change in our database so it should be reflected in the APIs soon, and other products as they are updated. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Robert Harmon

    You can’t edit “truck” road attributes. If I recall correctly, its simply a 10% chance that a road will be called a “truck” road. There are no special truck roads, they are just the same as any other road, just 10% more likely to be rated as a truck road. If you are talking about the street attributes, then unfortunately, no. You can not edit street attribute once created. But if you have a feature class for the road layer, the attribute table can be edited by the feature class function. Yes, you can change the type to “truck” but it seems it will not work as intended. The “truck” roads are only in the routing engine and not in the map. It is unclear if it will be available in the future. Source best cheap essay

    Preston Glevos

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    isabella mark

    One of my supply chain management dissertation topics writer friends told me that when you are using the intersection table to report or change truck attributes for an intersection, in the “Trucks” column, select the type of truck from the drop-down list.

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    Beau Sconce

    ruck parameters are in the Here database, there is no mention of them in MapCreator where I provide the edits. I wonder at the volume of trucking data in the Australian rural areas. MyDeal Coupon Code

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