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  • José Flor – OzFlor

    What is the name of this road and direction of traveling? As far as I know it is only one direction.
    José Flor – OzFlor

    John Powell

    Hi Jose
    Why don’t you try using Google Maps Street View. – go the Google, type in ‘Map (City or suburb or Place) (State)
    Zoom in to the street.
    Put the little man (bottom right corner) on the road near where you want.
    Expand the map part by clicking on the { } (box) on bottom left corner of screen and zoom in if needed.
    Go for a drive down the street !

    José Flor – OzFlor

    Ok John,
    I will do that.

    Miguel Buell

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    Lois Welch

    Direction of traveling and name of this road

    Lois Welch

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